The Nordic Vipassana Centre is located in Sweden

The first Nordic Vipassana centre was established in February, 2007 in Sweden.

S.N. Goenka has given the centre the name Dhamma Sobhana, which means ”Beauty of Dhamma”.

The centre is situated in central Sweden, approximately halfway between Stockholm and Göteborg (Gothenburg). The nearest towns are Ödeshög, Vadstena, Mjölby and Linköping. Close to the centre lie two lakes: Lake Vättern, Sweden’s second largest, and Lake Tåkern, a bird sanctuary. 

Most courses at the centre are conducted bilingually, in English and Swedish, but there are also courses in Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Farsi. Dhamma Sobhana has a capacity of about 80 students per course.

How to apply for a course in Dhamma Sobhana:

  • Before applying for a course, it is important to read the Code of Discipline.
  • The easiest way to apply is by clicking on a date on the Dhamma Sobhana schedule and filling out and submitting the form that is displayed.
  • Course applications cannot be accepted later than one week before the course begins, even if the course is not full.

Contact Dhamma Sobhana

Address: Holmen 1, S-599 93 Ödeshög, Sweden

Phone:+46 (0)143-211 36

E-mail:[email protected]